KZEZ, originally born in April of 1978 right here in St. George, began as Ray Carpenter helped to set up the original station.  Many years later it slipped quietly out of existence but was re-born in 2019 through the love of radio that Ray Carpenter has always had.   

Since KZEZ began its journey again, it has skyrocketed to one of the top 5 listened to stations in all of Washington county in just its first year.


KZEZ does not exclude any style of music; Be it Country, Doo Wop or Classical.  As long as the music has a positive message and makes you feel good, we will play it; instead of genre, KZEZ plays a mix of all music types from the 50’s to today.  We also include a three-hour Sunday Sounds set.

On KZEZ you will hear music from artists such as: Adele, The Beach Boys, Mel Carter, The Doobie Brothers, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Natalie Cole, & Paul Anka…..too many to name here.


  • Laughs at Lunch – Daily at 12 noon – a funny song to take you into the 2nd half of your day
  • Sunday Sounds – Every Sunday from 1-4pm – A mix of LDS, Spiritual & Classical sounds
  • Retro Radio – Every Sunday at 5pm – a half hour to hour of Random Retro Radio shows from the 50’s and 60’s.
  • Public Affairs – Local issues covered in interviews, spots, or informational format.  Every Sunday at 4pm.
  • Public Affairs – Local issue regarding drug addiction and recovery.  Half hour to 1 hour with Heston Cherry.
  • Coming soon:  The morning show with Pam & RaeLynn.
  • Coming soon:  The afternoon show with Jim


To provide a consistent, reliable, and quality source of positive, uplifting Music and information for our local community.