“I have often listened to the station for several hours and enjoy it so much. There is nothing close to your variety, music selection, and enormously-large record library anywhere else on the radio here in St. George or just about anywhere else.”

Gene Perelman – St. George Resident

“I love the music KZEZ plays. We have it on at work and I tap my toes all day and feel good when I head home.”

IT Group Senior Advisor

“We looked at advertising with a couple different radio stations and found the best bang for our advertising dollar was with KZEZ. The demographic of listeners at KZEZ is exactly who we are trying to reach and we get so many calls from folks who heard our ad.”

Law Firm Executive Director

“I love the music I hear every day on KZEZ. It’s perfect for listening to while I’m in the car, while I’m at home on the computer, really any time. I always hear music that takes me back to when I was a kid or gets my toes tapping.”

Retired Marketing Director